Functional Bodybuilding (4 week)

Functional Bodybuilding (4 week)

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Looking Good, Perform Better

If you've done solo workouts such as long distance cardio training or random weight training, you still might not have abs and fit body.

This program will help you to train effectively and get results.

Having weekly program and reviews can save time for achieving your goals and even you can move better in your sports or activities.


・Access to the training app

・Your own weekly program with demo videos every movement through training        app 

・5 session of around 40 min program per week

・Weekly reviews your results and questions

・Ongoing email support

・Feel seen and understood as your coach reviews your results.


Step 1.
・We will start with a free consultation to learn about your 
・Setting your goals and personal needs.

・Access to a training app
・Assessed your movement pattern and strength in 1 week of training.

Step 2.
・You will get weekly program with demo videos for every movements.
・Weekly reviews your results and videos.
・Work on training program and review your progress.
・You will get free consultation every 4 weeks.