Individual Training Program (4 week)

Individual Training Program (4 week)

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Athletes are very focused , hard-working and on a mission to perform better. Whether you are working towards a goal to get recruited to a college, win the competition or going to perform on a next level of your sport journey, all athletes need to train effectively and take care of your body.

Student athletes are often too busy to work on strength training due to their study and team practice.

However, Strength training is very important to perform and prevent injuries.

Athletes or people who play sports as recreations want to train effectively on off seasons.

Having structure on your training and manage your progress of strength can improve your performance.


・Access to the training app

・Your own weekly program with demo videos every movement through training        app 

・5 session of around 40 min program per week

・Weekly reviews your results and questions

・Ongoing email support

・Feel seen and understood as your coach reviews your results.


Step 1.
・We will start with a free consultation to learn about your 
・Setting your goals and personal needs.

・Access to a training app
・Assessed your movement pattern and strength in 1 week of training.

Step 2.
・You will get weekly program with demo videos for every movements.
・Weekly reviews your results and videos.
・Work on training program and review your progress.
・You will get free consultation every 4 weeks.